Magnus' M.U.G.E.N Creations

A website dedicated to my MUGEN creations. It has MUGEN stages and screenpacks for the new version of MUGEN.

Screen Packs

he following screenpacks were designed for a widescreen resolution (originaly for 1280x720).

[NOT COMMING, CURRENTLY ABANDONED] Ninjihaku MUGEN (160 Chars + Lifebars)

Only if ELECBYTE makes it back for real and release MUGEN as an open source project, I will redo this from scratch and publish it. 

 Act 24/01/2014 - Including lifebars


 Want to see more? Here is a little video!


 It will only take a very few days weeks due to A severe attack of laziness technical difficulties, until I complete it. So stay tuned! (Still not abandoned!)

DOWNLOAD: Comming soon!

M.U.G.E.N All Stars (2960 chars + Lifebars, for a sandbox MUGEN)

Download: Mediafire

World Of Mugen (2960 chars, lifebars and icons, for a sandbox MUGEN)




 Download: Mediafire