Magnus' M.U.G.E.N Creations

A website dedicated to my MUGEN creations. It has MUGEN stages and screenpacks for the new version of MUGEN.


This section contains useful tools and resources for developing content for MUGEN.

Fighter Factory 3

A free and very powerfull MUGEN editor. And probably the only one. It's mostly aimed for character making, but it can also be used for stages, screen packs and story animations. It's very easy to use, and it eases the process of developing content for MUGEN a lot.

Download: Official website

The GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

If you don't want to torrent Photoshop, you can always use The GIMP. It's a free software for image manipulation. And since MUGEN is oriented for artists, rather than programmers, your image manipulation software must be the most important choice. Use The GIMP to create graphics.

Download: Official Website


Inkscape is probably your best choice for vector image manipulation. It's free for non-commercial use, and it's profesionalized (unlike most of the free software, this one does it job amazingly well).

Download: official website


Everyone knows that sound is a very important aspect in video game industry, and that's why Videogame developers have sound engineers. But even if you are not a sound engineer, you'll need a sound editor to use for your MUGEN content. Audacity is a free, and powerfull choice, if you need to edit sound quick and easy.

Download: Official website

Also, don't forget to download the LAME MP3 library for free! Audacity will ask for it when you export a sound in MP3 format for the first time.


It's marketed as a image viewer, but it also contains a powerfull tool for bulk image processing. You can crop, resize, change the color mode or even the format of multiple images at once. And best of all, it's free.

Download: Official website


It's commonly used for sprite creation, and even Notch (creator of Minecraft) uses it for sprite creation. It can also be used as an image editor, although it is more aimed to drawing and painting. It's free, of course.

Download: Official website


I didn't try this program, but seems like a fair HTML WYSIWIG (What You See is What You Get) HTML editor. If you don't want to get involved with HTML, then you might want to consider this as an alternative to notepad++ and plain HTML. And it's free.

Download: Official Website


 Notepad++ is a lightweight text editor with syntax highlighting. You can either use it to edit any text files, code, or make a simple HTML page for documentation. It's free!

Download: Official Website


Your main source of knowledge and enlightment as a MUGEN content development.It's the official MUGEN Wiki, with the documentation for everything you need to know.

Read it here!

Arcade controls template image & Symbols for Illustrator CS6

If you want to write documentation for your characters, or any character from any fighting game, you need to illustrate each command properly. And no, I don't want to see any more of that "j.236+B" crap. I mean, you have to properly illustrate it. So, you can use this arcade control template I made a few days ago.

Download the full resolution template from here.

There is also a file with all these graphics made as Illustrator CS6 symbols, that you can download from here.