Magnus' M.U.G.E.N Creations

A website dedicated to my MUGEN creations. It has MUGEN stages and screenpacks for the new version of MUGEN.

Wellcome to my MUGEN creations website!

Updated @ 16th of March, 2016.


Two years have passed since I wrote this line: "Seems like people is loosing their interest in MUGEN". And so I did! I'm no longer interested in MUGEN in any way, at least for now. I guess you noticed that already, right?

Two years ago I started working on a new screenpack that would be inspired in manga comics. That screenpack is never going to see the light as I accidentally deleted the files during a HDD formatting exactly two years ago. So let me give you a word of advice. If you ever whipe your hard disk, make backups of everything!

While I could redo all of my work, or at least most of it (and redo it even better!), I completely lost my interest on it because the MUGEN project is dead, to say the least. Have you tried to connect to their website? The main page is down. There is not too many people interested on it anymore, there aren't too many "quality" projects going on using it, it's not updated regularly, etc. Honestly, I'm as much interested on it, as their developers are. And my guess is that it's currently "being developed" by one single person that has not enough time anyway to work on it because life (or how our society works).

A very long time ago, and not in a far away galaxy, Elecbyte challenged the world by saying that they would return once 2D games became popular again. 2D games became popular again, and Elecbyte fullfilled their promise by bringing us MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1.

Today I want to challenge Elecbyte the same way they did us. I WILL GET BACK TO MUGEN WHEN ELECBYTE MAKES OF MUGEN AN OPEN-SOURCE PROJECT. If they do this, I will fullfill my promise the same way they did. I will redo all of my content from scratch, adapting it to 1.1, if possible making it works with most, if not all resolutions, and also finishing what I once started :)

Until then, if that time ever comes, I will be out. But my current content is still here for you to enjoy it. Have fun!

Oh, I forgot! I'm a social person so follow my tumblr, ok? But no MUGEN related questions. I won't answer them.